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Subscription services

The subscription services include

  • Preparation of an accounting policy and an individual chart of accounts in accordance with the needs of the company.
  • Current processing of the primary accounting documents – verification, classification, storage.
  • Current accounting of business operations
  • Processing of the data with an accounting product, with possibility for exchange of information in an electronic manner.
  • Accrual of depreciations
  • Development of a tax and accounting depreciation plan of the long-term assets
  • Monthly development and submission to the National Revenue Agency of a Purchases Logbook, a Sales Logbook and a Reference-Declaration under the Value Added Tax Act as well as of all the other declarations relating to refunding of VAT in an electronic manner;
  • Development and submission of VIES declarations.
  • Development and submission of Intrastat declarations.
  • Processing of the reports from the cash registers of the customer
  • Processing of the statements from the bank accounts of the customer
  • Processing of documents for business trips
  • Customs declarations
  • Monthly drawing up of payment orders for the social insurance and the tax liabilities of the Company to the budget; 
  • Development of references requested by the customer
  • Registration and de-registration under the Value Added Tax Act
  • Good Standing Certificates, Availability or Absence of Liabilities Certificates
  • Preparation of the documents needed at applying for a credit
  • Representation and protection at conduct of inspections and audits  
  • Development of all the needed references and others at auditing the Company
  • Development of monthly, quarterly and other statistical forms
  • References and reports conformed to the needs of the customer
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